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Water Propelled Jet Pack Rentals


The Jetpack Flight Experience Training

jetpack trainingOur water-propelled jetpack elevates aquatic adventurers up to three stories above the sea’s surface during heart-pumping 15-30-minute flights.


During a 5-minute video presentation and 10-20 minutes of on-shore instruction, our knowledgeable trainers acquaint students with basic jetpack techniques, including how to take off, steer, and dive like a dolphin.


Equipped with safety systems approved for use in both freshwater and saltwater, the jetpack sends aquateers soaring securely into the air, where twin water nozzles enable freedom of movement in any direction. Instructors man the throttle while keeping up communication via walkie-talkie.

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Introductory Flight Experience


  • $199 Weekends

  • $149.95 Week Days

    Perfect for individuals who want to get a taste of what the jetpack can do, the Introductory package includes instruction and equipment overview . You'll learn all the basics of jetpack steering & stability , based on your skill level and comfort, you'll get a chance to fly as high as 10 feet above the water below.

Itroductory flight experience usually last about an hour with 20-30 min of water Jetpack Time.

  • Advanced Flight Experience (40-Min Flight) - $249


    If you want to take things to the next level for your first jetpack flight, look no further than the Advanced Flight Experience. Your 40 total minutes of flight time will be split into two 20-minute flights, where you'll learn the fundamentals during your first flight then take over your own throttle control on your second flight, which is when you truly start to understand how to harness the amazing fun of the X-Jetpack. You'll get a chance to learn all of the maneuvers from the Jetpack Flight Experience, plus donut turns, low-to-mid level hovers, and even helicopter spins.


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